Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon
FAP NGO promote the sustainable management of the natural and wetland resources in Cameroon.


World Wetlands Day 2007 - Cameroon: organised by FAP to create awareness of local wetland users (farmers, graziers, fishermen and hunters) on the unsustainable activities of the wetlands through over fishing, slash and burn farming practices, farmer/graziers conflicts and extensive hunting of wetland wildlifes in the Ndop plain.

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World Wetlands Day 2005 - Cameroon:
As the saying goes "There's wealth in wetlands diversity - Don't loose it.", the main objective was to raise awareness on the benefits of the Ndop flood plain inland valley fresh water wetlands and to participatory diagnose some of the key threats to wetland values and functions.

The resolutions agreed on included the encouragement of conservation farming to restore stream flows, the organisation of soil/water conservation programmes in rice farms, the education of rice farmers (about the burning of rice husks), the discouragement of waterfowl hunting).

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