Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon
FAP NGO promote the sustainable management of the natural and wetland resources in Cameroon.

Natural resources management


Jatropha in polythine pots

Visit the Ndop swamp rice program

Market gardening in the North West province of Cameroon


  • Promote agro forestry and other soil conservation farming practices
  • Promote livestock development
  • Promote market gardening
  • Establishment and management of rapid plantain sucker multiplication nurseries
  • Training on the above mentioned activities 

Traditional and modern bee hives

Many communities in Cameroon have seen that their natural forests are getting smaller and some have even disappeared completely. This is mostly due to human activities such as farming, grazing and bush burning. When the forest disappears all the different plants and animals in it also disappear, including many useful ones. Springs and streams also dry up when the forest is cleared. The forests also play an important role in the cultures and traditions of many communities.
The Western Highlands of Cameroon are the home to many different plants, animals and birds. To help preserve Cameroons forests FAP is enaged in the following activities:
  • Establishment and management of tree nurseries
  • Encouragement of the creation and management of plantations with communities
  • Encouragement of the creation and management of fuel plantations
  • Encouragement of tree planting in watersheds
  • Encouragement of tree planting in community forests
  • Training of watershed and forest dependant communities on beekeeping and pasture improvement for graziers
  • Provide material support to communities to start activities after training
  • Promote the planting of medicinal plants
  • Tree plantations with communities                
Pastoral Livestock Development
  Promote dialogue approach to the use of pastoral resources by all pastoral resources users