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Supporting measures for the reinstallation of the population in the Lake Nyos zone.




The lake nyos( in reality lake lwi which later became popular with the appellation lake nyos, being the name of the village closer to the lake), lake of volcanic crater is situated in the North West Wegion , 1 200 metres from the attitude, on the same side with the in active lake Oku exploided in the night of 21st of august 1986. This explosion, that was due to the accumulation of toxic gas, killed about 1800 persons. About 915 were killed in the locality of nyos, situated adjecent to a hill which constitutes a natural wall to nyos. In SU-BUM, is situated 14km from the lake, despite a great number of its population, registered lesser loss. We censured about 700 deads. With 70 victims, the small village of Cha lost all her inhabitants. Beside this loss in human lives, we noted the death of about 3000 cows and an imortant number of wild and aquatic faunes.

The survivals of this catastrophy are estimated to about 3000 persons. Due to their exposition to the toxic gas, some suffer from  lung problems et sight problems. These persons have been displaced by the Cameroonian government and resettled in many camps (wum, wada, esu, kumfutu, measaje,nkambe), displaced all over Boyo and Menchum division. Prolonged stay (1986-2014) the deplaced population is estimated today to about 10 000 persons in these camps and has progressively become very poor due to the insufficient and lack of means of production put at their disposition.

In the mean time, we notice a persistent inbalance in the localities where the population were resettled which is characterised by land over crowding and affected localities (Subum, nyos...) which are becoming waste land whereas it has important agricultural and pastoral opportunities. If this situation continue to be like this it is likey to temper with the economic and social cohesion, which could in a long run compromise the harmonious development of the entire zone.

After investigations of many scientific teams on the lake site, it was recommendated that efforts should be made to outgas the lake and consolidate the banks of the lake in ordersecure the area, and protect the indiginous popualation. In this regard, the PNUD was given the responsility by the government of cameroon to cordinate a working team in order to elaborate a project of rehabilitation and pycho social and economic reinsertion of the population of lake nyos area. This led to the necessity to put in place a project which shall have as objective the durable security of the area, encourage the displaced population to move back to their villages, to improve on their living conditions and make the damaged vallies viable to enable a sustainable development, balanced and repopulate the area around the lake nyos.

For there to be this outgassing of the lake and the consolidation of the banks of the lake, many recommendations have been put in place. The only thing that is left henceforth is the return of these population to their origianal setting. It is therefore indispensible not only to ensure the security of the place and its viability, but to ensure a minimum support in terms of social basic infrastructures. It is in this light the the European Uniom already very implicated in the security and viability of this site, organises the Ordonnateur National du Fonds Européen de Développement Pour la Coopération Cameroun / Union Européenne, Supporting measures for the resettlement of the population around the lake Nyos zone. Renfort et Actions in partnership with Forest and Agroforestry Promoters is one of the organisation implicated carrying out the actions decided to this effect.

The content of the action and support Nyos and su-bum

Title of action

Follow up of the reinstallation of the populations of Nyos and SU-BUM villages’


Place of action

Nyos village in the Zoa municipality/Fungum subdivision/Menchum division and Su-Bum village in the fonfuka municipality/Bum subdivision/ Boyo division. All situated in the north west region of Cameroon



Objectives of the action

Main Objective: follow up the reinstallation of the displaced population after the lake nyos disaster and contribute to ensure a favourable living condition in their village


Specific Objective 1: construct basic socio economic infrastructure in the villages of Nyos and Su-Bum


Specific objective 2: support the reconstruction of houses by the population


Specific objective 3: reinforced the organisational capacity and productive capacity of the population of nyos and su-bum villages


Specific objective 4: planify the development of nyos and su-bum and prevent conflicts

Target group

The population through organised groups in the nyos and su-bum villages(associations,organisations of producers etc)

Final beneficiaries

Nyos village in the Zoa municipality/Fungum subdivision/Menchum division and Su-Bum village in the fonfuka municipality/Bum subdivision/ Boyo division. All situated in the north west region of Cameroon

Results achieved

·         A four  classroom bloc constructed in su-bum village

·         10 houses  supported with roofing materials

·         10 producers organisations structured /reinforced

·         10 common farms created

·         10 common pig farms created

·         100 persons trained with agro pastoral technics

·         20 persons trained with technics of maintaining the grinding machines




Nursery school in Subum village                  Primary school in the same village


Training on the vegetative propagation of plantain suckers