Forest and Agroforestry Promoters (FAP NGO) Cameroon
FAP NGO promote the sustainable management of the natural and wetland resources in Cameroon.

Capacity building Market place project Proposal

Project Title: Reducing land and watershed degradation through tree planting in the Bamenda Highlands Region Cameroon
The project goal is to reduce land and watershed degradation through tree planting in watershed and Agroforestry farming practices for women farmers and water management committees in Cameroon. This will be done through capacity building and practical field demonstration with 5 villages in Ngoketunjia Division NWR Cameroon.
The objectives will include
• Fencing, regeneration and protection of 5 degraded water sources (watersheds/watercatchent areas)
• Planting of 25.000 tree seedlings in 50 hectares of degraded watersheds/watercatchent areas.
• Enhance capacities of farmers especially women on Agroforestry farming practices to improve soil fertility.
• Improve the capacity of watercatchment management committee on tree nursery establishment, tree planting and care and sustainable beekeeping.